How to meet people. A (business) dating guide …

Business events are a little bit like speed dating. You want to find the right one(s) in the most timely manner possible. You attend an event and find yourself in the middle of 100 other people. So now what?

5 rules:

  1. People you already know are less interesting. Don’t neglect them, but don’t waste your time with the people you can contact at a later time.
  2. Never speak to long with someone unless you feel that you’ll make the deal of the century on that occasion (what is pretty unlikely). Get the info you need and agree to keep in touch, that’s it. Next please.
  3. Feel the moment when a conversation is over. Your conversation partner will give you clear signals, when he doesn’t want to speak anymore with you. If you overstep that border, you will be an annoying orange and you can be sure that your business card will end up in the dustbin.
  4. Share enough information but never to much. It’s just like flirting: you would want to make yourself interesting for the next date. So don’t drop all your clothes right away, instead keep something for the next time.
  5. Know when it’s time to leave. People who stay till the end are often considered to be people who don’t have anything else to do. You are busy! Never forget that. And busy people get the information they need and then leave for more important things.

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